Mountains will go into labor, and a silly little mouse will be born.

Chapter 50 - You're Glowing

Woo hoo! You just listed two houses or took three loan applications. You’re back from the bottom of the ocean and unstoppable! On a roll. Look at you…yeah! You’re lead dog and this time you’re going to remain the lead dog! You have this unbeatable bounce to your step; a golden glow around your helmet; and a fearless mind-set, the envy of all your office mates. And then two months later you’re dead in the water, flat on your back. Why? Because we sometimes confuse the signing of the deal with the completion of our job and forget the process. High as a kite is no good: bad plan, lumpy income, poor service.

In many ways, the job of real estate agent or loan agent is a very dysfunctional business model. As producers, we are required to wear many hats: CEO, CFO, VP of advertising, VP of operations, and of course the front-line salesperson, getting deals signed. In the above example, the front-line salesperson got the deal signed. Good job on that piece; you don’t have to go crazy, however, it’s just a step in the process. Now that deal needs to be handed off to the operations team, which in most cases is the same person that signed the deal—you! Just remember the simple functions of the business: marketing, operations, finance, and attitude. All pieces need to be working for your income to work.

I hate to admit it, but there was a time in the mid-1990s that I had over ten signed loan applications sitting in my desk drawer, and they had been sitting there for a few days (okay, maybe a week). I was glowing, taking roughly two to three applications daily, intoxicated with the “getting deals signed” part of the business. I could hunt with the best of ’em but was not prepared to deliver that volume of service. I was too young and scared and uninformed to realize that it was a process. Things had to almost fall apart for me to finally install some simple systems/personnel around marketing, operations, finance, and attitude.

Like the coach says, “Keep your emotions between the lines.” The higher we get, the harder we fall. Pace it out, enjoy the wins, but don’t forget the process. Any knucklehead ding-a-ling can get high as a kite for an hour or a day or a minute, but professionalism is maintaining a steady pace day in, day out—that’s toughness! That’s being a pro in real estate.

Go get ’em!

"There’s no better person qualified to deliver this message - funny, insightful and useful.”
Dominic Nicoli,  Inaugural Member of the Intero Real Estate Services Hall of Fame

​​​"Inspirational and entertaining while literally providing a pathway to success."
Adam Eyre, Top 100 Lender at PrimeLending and previously Top 100 at Wells Fargo Bank

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