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I will not be triumphed over.


Chapter 100 - Attitude Makes It All Work

We started this book by talking about the four cornerstones of the real estate business; marketing, operations, finance, and attitude. Attitude is the glue that holds the other three pieces together.

Attitude is defined as “how we think or feel about someone or something.”

Marketing. Negative attitude: “I am not comfortable asking for referrals. I am not very strategic. I don’t know what to do to find business. My spouse is not helpful finding me deals. I can’t manage my database. Nobody will send me deals. I always get crushed by my competition. I’m not very creative.” Now reverse it. “I can always find new business. I ask for referrals in my own way, but I ask nonetheless. I am thoughtful and strategic in all my marketing efforts. I reach out for help when I need it. I maintain my database daily. There are plenty of people that will support me. I compete with integrity.”

All those statements above, positive and negative, may or may not have a basis in fact; but they all certainly speak to attitude. Think of yourself as the CEO of your own small business. Marketing has to work for your business to work.

Operations. Negative attitude: “Nobody in my office helps me. My manager doesn’t support me. The process is confusing and complicated. My colleagues are mean to me. My customers are so demanding; I really don’t think they like me. My assistants never do what I tell them to do. The paperwork is ridiculous. Selecting a price is brain damage. Working through the inspections is a nightmare. People always beat me up on the interest rate.” Now reverse it. “I am team player in the office. I like my colleagues. My manager is the best. My assistant is world class. The process is easy, step one, step two, and step three. I have great clients. My clients like working with me. I provide a good service and I make it fun. I take responsibility for everything.”

Finance. Negative attitude: “I am not a numbers person. I am always behind on my taxes. I never have any money. I don’t know how to use the lousy financial calculator. I gloss over the numbers because I really don’t have a clue. The customer always gets mad at me when we talk about money. I don’t even know what keeping the books means, let alone how to do it. I’m terrible at managing money. Just call me Mr. Broke.” Now reverse it. “My bookkeeper is the best. We review all financials monthly. My tax team is solid. My financial calculator skills are improving. Excel is a breeze. Talking with the customer about money is easy. I live within my means. I always have money in the bank. I am a prudent spender. I use my money wisely. I run my business like a business.”

Attitude will hold it all together. Go get ’em.

To Your Success,

​James R. Carter