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Dominic Nicoli,  Inaugural Member of the Intero Real Estate Services Hall of Fame

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Adam Eyre, Top 100 Lender at PrimeLending and previously Top 100 at Wells Fargo Bank

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Very few entrepreneurial industries offer the realistic opportunity to go from zero to $20,000, $50,000, $100,000, or even $500,000 of revenue in the first year. Real estate is one of those rare industries. This book was written for the benefit of lenders and real estate agents, all of whom mostly operate 1) without a nine-to-five paycheck and 2) as self-employed small-business owners.

If we do a supersized simplification of the real estate business, the players go as follows: management, vendors, and producers (lenders and real estate agents). Over a twenty-year period, I was a real estate lender (first) and real estate agent (second), and the two professions are an overlapping mirror image of the same movie. Therefore, I will speak to both with one voice.

The real estate profession offers freedom, flexibility, self-employment, and unlimited income potential; there is, however, considerable discipline and hard work that goes along with that song and dance. So, allow me to show you some of the disciplines around winning.

To Your Success,

James R. Carter